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 My name is Angela and like so many of you during the Covid pandemic the roll I held with my previous employer was unfortunately made redundant.

 However being out of work allowed me time to think and it was during that time that as they say I had "that light bulb moment".

 I realized that after 14 years of working within the lighting business, making lampshades was something I still felt truly passionate about and I felt that I wasn't ready to walk away from something that I had enjoyed doing for so many years.

 Realizing this inspired me to create "The Lampshade Emporium" where I  am able use my in depth knowledge and skills to create a beautiful range of hand made bespoke lampshades in a variety of different fabrics and even wallpapers.

  Now I am able to design and make the lampshades that truly inspire me.

Welcome to
The Lampshade Emporium

Situated in the historic market town of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, to the east of the Peak District National Park, The Lampshade Emporium is a new independent British business established in 2021.

Having over 14 years of previous experience in the lighting industry working with one of the UK's leading lighting manufacturers our area of expertise was in the manufacturing of Bespoke lampshades for Hotels, Cruise ships, Retail spaces, Bars and Restaurants and Luxury residential properties.

Now using those skills we are able to supply unbeatable quality hand crafted lampshades directly to the public at much more competitive prices, meaning you now have the ability to bring that touch of something special into your home and make yourself the envy of all your friends. 


 Looking For Something Special 

We can supply a large selection of rigid lampshades in various styles and sizes.

We can also add your own choice of coverings to your lampshade to suit.

Just get in touch to find out more.

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